What is the most powerful antibiotic discovered so far?

Question by vader_the_bird: What is the most powerful antibiotic discovered so far?
Why is penicillin referred to as “the miracle drug?
Why are antibiotics used in feed for livestock? What do you think is the danger of this?

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Answer by tahunajcw

But don’t ingest it.

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  • 2points  says:

    as far as I know penicillin and some derivatives of penicillin are still the only powerful antibiotics around. There have been derivatives like omoxicillin that have been “discovered” but they are not really major, awesome advancements or breakthroughs. We’re still relying on basically the same technology since World War II. Not completely, but you follow me.

    Penicillin is the “miracle drug” because most diseases or infections are caused by bacteria, which penicillin kills, and not viruses. Penicillin doesn’t work on viruses. THe only thing that works on viruses are vaccines and they are preventive, they don’t work right away like penicillin does on bacteria. That’s why you’re supposed to get your flu shot (virus) before the flu season. Once you have the flu, you pretty much just have to sleep it off.

  • kissybertha  says:

    Levaquin 500mg.. it is also the most expensive $ 20.00 a pill.

  • GRIM_REAPER_69  says:

    the most powerful and most effective antibiotic discovered to date is ….D – E – A – T – H – ! ,it definately solves and eliminates all disease and other malodys permanately !

  • Bacteria Boy  says:

    To be honest, this is an unanswerable question. Ture, Vancomycin is a beast of an antibiotic, but it only affects certain types of bacteria. It does nothing for Tuberculosis, but Rifampacin is a kick ass antibiotic for Mycobacteria.

    Penicillin is the “miracle” drug because before, getting a small scratch could have killed you. Any bacterial infection was life threatening. But with penicillin came the means to save millionsof people, and surgery became a viable option.

    In response to the guy who says we are stuck with ww2 technology – seriously, no. Post 1950 we have discovered many new classes of antibiotics, including things like vancomycin.

  • loneytraveler  says:

    It was Cipro. Penicillin was the first big break though in antibiotics It is used in livestock to prevent health problems. Feel sure this passes along to people, and not a good idea. The livestock producers also use a growth hormone to stimulate growth. this passes on to people also. Then the milk producers use a shot in the milk vain of the cows so they will produce more milk.

  • marvin b  says:

    in a way the most powerfull antibiotic is our bodys, if there working really well. Pasteur the discover of antibiotics had a academic rival Dr Claude, who used to say “the terrain is all” and later in Pastuer’s life he came to believe that was right as well. what it means is, in a really really healthy body bad bactiria cant live well there, just like a mango tree wont live well in cold climets.
    Ofcause hardly anyone has a top healthy body so antibiotics are miracle drugs for us. I heard penicillin was the most life saveing drug of the last century so thats one reson to call it a miracle.
    i heard that there used in livestock to increase the growth rate of the animals. They say by eating the animals which is a nasty thing to be doing anyway,poor animals. anyway by eating them you might billed up a resestance to the antibiotics and one day you might need to use those antis and they wont work, thats the theory.

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