Q & A: How much should I eat yogurt when on antibiotics?

problem by miller57time : How much should I eat yogurt when antibiotics ?
I had c diff about seven months ago that I’m on antibiotics. I got rid of it, but I have again a few months later to antibiotics. Now I am on doxycycline and I do not think the c diff again. I eat Activia with probiotics to ensure that this is not the case. How much should I eat per day to ensure that I do not understand, nor Best answer:.

answer Martina
antibiotics can the beneficial bacteria that destroy live in our digestive tract. Eat yogurt with live active cultures helps to restore a healthy intestinal balance by increasing the micro-organisms that are naturally present in the gastrointestinal tract intestinal.Vérifiez ingredients to yogurt. Most have some form of sweetener Danone Activia lists the ingredients. Low-fat milk, strawberry, fructose syrup, sugar, etcComme they are two sources of sweeteners (fructose corn syrup and sugar), they did not share n have to list the sweetener as the first ingredient (by weight). Just know that you eat lots of high glycemic sweetener. The negative effects of too much sugar are documentés.La dose of yogurt should be based on the amount of sugar in each cup. Http :/ / www.mypyramid.gov / Si you do not like to take the yogurt acidophilus pills: To check recommended amount of sugar.

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